Carlotta Maria Rotondi

WELCOME! Let me introduce myself!


Supply Chain: my interest for the Supply Chain functions goes well beyond the professional activity; I read journals (such as “L'Ufficio Acquisti”, “Logistica e Management”) and books on purchasing and supply management and I am Member of ADACI (Associazione Italiana di Management degli Approvvigionamenti). One of the soft skills involved in purchasing that entices me - and which I'm endeavoring to continuously improve - is the ability to negotiate


Shopping: I am very interested in all the new fashion trends, I like to do Mistery Shopping as well as I attended some Conferences on Luxury Management held by MIP Politecnico di Milano


Perfumery: I attended a Summer School in Grasse in order to improve my knowledge in perfumer. I am also partner of the Milan-based niche perfumery brand Masque Milano and I deal with Marketing activities, Fairs and Events organization.


Travel: I like travels, in particular visiting cities; my favorite destinations are the "fashion capitals" of the world

Sport: I'm a very active person; my favourite sports are golf and skiing

Oh, by the way, on a more academic side, I have a Degree in Business Administration - Major in “Innovation Management” - at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, an Executive Masters of Business Administration (final mark 110 cum laude/110) at MIP Graduate School of Management, Politecnico di Milano, and a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.